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For the past 10+ years I have been building, designing, and developing applications, b2b sites, interfaces, and more. I started in July of 2014 at BLUE Laser Design as the lead developer and my work has been primarily WordPress and PHP related. Really my heart rests within front end development and user experience. However, I am extremely comfortable with most languages thus I consider myself a full stack developer.

The LLC I created to do freelance under is called ViaForge. The reason I liked this name is because often times building things for the web is indeed forging things together to work in harmony. In my freelance work, Ruby on Rails is my MVC of choice. Although, I have recently been doing some work with Angular and it is quickly becoming a favorite.

I enjoy working with the command line and utlizing build systems and package managers as well as anything else offered through node package manager(npm). On occassion, I dive into standalone javascript platforms such as Meteor and React. In the coming months my goals are to continue studying/developing isomorphic applications (Meteor is technically isomorphic), and continue building awesome things for the web.

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This is a Ruby on Rails application that I built from the ground up. Users can share videos via links from only the gaming category of YouTube. (Still in development)

The first site in my little old portfolio here, is my project that failed. I learned a lot but do not look back. I still actually hold it close in memory and use experiences from it to do better for my clients and partners to this day!

This is a WordPress theme I developed which utilizes the ideology that resides within Google Material Design.

This is a design/build I did for Phonebloks as a direction, idea, and to show my support for their awesome approach at mobile phones.

Please allow time for Heroku dyno to start

A rails app that delivers currated "happy" news based on keywords and relevance based on number of shares. User shared news stories allow you to find the happiest channels and posts.

WordPress with front-end post creation, user profiles, member roles, and searchable sitemaps by company name or relevant terms. This is a project I designed and built for internal use at BLUE Laser Design.

This was a build that I took from an HTML Theme and converted it into a WordPress theme/template. Mainly for portfolio use. I added in a few flare items such as a bottom main navigation and custom scrollbars.

Sometimes I enjoy just sitting down with Photoshop and plotting my next adventure. When creativity is running strong, I sometimes end up with some pretty cool results out of photoshop.

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